Golf: Maximise your clubhead speed


Fairway woods are among the most important clubs in the bag, more so when attempting to get the ball to the green from distance. the technology used in manufacturing these clubs nowadays allows for the ball to be struck like an iron and with greater clubhead speed. Here are few tips on how to achieve this:Flatten left wristStraighten the inside of your left wrist in the transition so you can rotate harder and faster to attack the ball from the inside with maximum clubhead speed. This equates to extra distance.

Shoulder higher at impact

Your left shoulder should be slightly higher at impact than it is at address – because the forces applied to the shaft and arms in the late downswing push the shaft up and it becomes slightly more vertical at impact.

Take a divot

The world’s top pros often hit down with their woods like an iron because it encourages the clubhead to move to the right and produce draw spin. It is easier to control dispersion this way.

Watch your knee

Maintain the flex in your right knee in the middle of your downswing so you can straighten it in the latter part to help you push off from the ground and create greater clubhead speed at impact.


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